Day options | A range of alternative program options

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Our reason for our existence is to serve our clients. So during these challenging times, we are committed to finding safe, new and innovative ways to provide our services which are critical to thousands of South Australians living with disability and their families.

In the current environment, we continue to adapt all Day Options group activities to program offerings that meet the needs of each individual while also meeting government regulations and advice around COVID-19.

New or Alternate Services for Day Options

For people living with disability looking to access our Day Options services at this time, a range of alternative program options are available in each of our hubs and centres and in your own home. We’ve outlined below a range of scenarios to provide examples of the types of support available. Our aim is to tailor our services to each client’s circumstances as best we can and work alongside them and their families to accommodate these safely.

1. Expanded hours of operation

Scenario: David’s parents would like to access three hours of support per day between 5pm and 8pm on weekdays, using the hub for services. In addition, they would like David to have in-home one-on-one support for five hours on a Saturday.

Is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to help support this.

2. Individualised programs and one-on-one support within the home

Scenario 1: Kylie’s family would like to temporarily change from a six hours per day, five days per week Day Options program, to an individualised home program for the same number of hours and days. Kylie would like to have a combination of Jo and Mary as staff members to support her in the activities, with both staff members available in the middle of the day for handover.

Is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to support this.

Scenario 2: John loves cooking at Day Options with his support worker Mary and misses seeing her. John’s family would like for John to still spend time with Mary, do some cooking and other fun activities in the home. John’s parents would like Mary to visit on Sundays for three hours so they can go out for a walk to get some exercise during this time. They would also like Mary to spend time with John on Mondays when they have medical appointments to maintain their own health so that they can continue caring for John.

Is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to support this and will do all that we can to provide you with your choice of worker at your preferred times.

3. Individualised programs and one-on-one support within the hub/centre

Scenario 1: Jim’s father, Peter, would really prefer that Jim is able to attend the hub Monday to Friday as he has with Day Options for 12 years now. It is an important part of Jim’s routine and Peter needs to continue to work. Peter would like reassurance that Jim can still access what he needs, do many of the activities he enjoys, and be cared for safely.

Is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to help support this in a modified way reflecting one-on-one support and social distancing.

Scenario 2: When Katrina goes to Day Options, one of her support workers does a stretching program daily that has been set up by her physiotherapist to stretch Katrina’s tight muscles and maintain her range of movement. Katrina’s mum knows how important this is for Katrina’s long term health but is finding this hard to do at home and would like this to continue, as well as have a break from her caring responsibilities daily. Katrina’s mum would like a support worker to pick up Katrina and take her to the hub to continue her stretching program, help Katrina with her lunch, take her out for a walk when the weather is fine and then drop her back at home.

Is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to help support this in a modified way reflecting one-on-one support and social distancing.

4. Individualised support within the home

Scenario: Liliane’s family would like to keep her at home while there are concerns about COVID-19. Liliane requires two people to assist her for all personal care and to move safely from one place to another within the home. They would also like some one-on-one support time for Liliane in the evening when the family is busy looking after the pets and getting dinner ready. Their request is for two staff members to come to the home every day for two hours and one person for two hours in the late afternoon.

Is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to help support this.

Safety for our New or Alternate Services

The safety and welfare of our clients, along with that of their families, carers and our staff remains our primary focus.

We are following the recommendations of the Australian Government and the Department of Health to take all the steps necessary to protect members of our community, including:

  • Implementing a range of infection control measures, such as strict cleaning regimes in all of our hubs and offices
  • Health screening processes for clients prior to accessing any of our services and strict screening protocols for our staff
  • Adherence to social distancing guidelines and where this is not possible (e.g. personal care), ensuring the appropriate personal protective equipment is used by staff.

Talk to us about your needs and we will tailor supports to meet your individual goals. We will work with you to understand the funding you have available in your NDIS plan, and we can support you to ask the NDIS to review your funding should it not be enough to meet your needs during the current crisis.

For all enquiries, please contact our Customer Experience Team on 1300 668 482 or [email protected]