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Potential merger between Novita and scosa

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Potential merger of Novita and scosa

Novita and scosa announce exploration of merger opportunity

Two of South Australia’s leading disability service organisations – Novita and scosa – have announced plans to explore a potential merger.

Novita specialises in child development, rehabilitation and disability services for kids and young people, operating from 11 locations in metro and regional South Australia and supporting more than 2,800 kids, young people and families. scosa provides vital hub-based day programs and community services and supports to nearly 400 adults living with disability across 12 sites.

Novita CEO Greg Ward said a merged entity would bring these services together to provide a continuum of support for people living with disability at all stages of life.

“Novita and scosa share a long history of working to support people living with disability in South Australia, through complementary services. In fact, both organisations have grown from shared foundations in the Crippled Children’s Association over 70 years ago,” Mr Ward said.

“As leading providers of disability services and supports, we recognise the importance of continuing to evolve to meet the changing needs of both people living with disability and the landscape presented by the NDIS, so we’re exploring a possible merger as part of that.”

scosa Interim CEO Kylie Luciano said the potential merger presented an opportunity to join forces with a likeminded organisation.

“Both organisations are committed to continuing to provide the best possible outcomes for people living with disability, their families and support networks,” she said.

“A merger would allow Novita and scosa to combine resources, and to potentially invest in new and improved facilities and work environments and to develop our professional capabilities.”

The two organisations are now working through a due diligence process to determine if services to South Australians living with disability would be improved through such an agreement.

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