Top five benefits of hiring someone living with a disability

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Top five benefits of hiring someone living with a disability

Did you know disability inclusion can help your business?

Hiring workers living with disability not only promotes diversity in the workplace, but can improve productivity, morale and overall attitudes at work.

The Australian Human Rights Commission states that businesses who employ people living with disability provides ‘significant benefits to workplaces, the economy, the community and the individuals themselves.’ By creating and cultivating an inclusive workplace, businesses will see many wins and positives.


Quick tip: Disability-advocate Dylan Alcott recently launched the Field, a job database designed to support people living with disability to find employment. The purpose of the Field is to highlight the strengths and benefits that people living with a disability can provide to organisations. It also lists inclusive organisations around Australia that offer job opportunities to people living with disability. Check out all the relevant opportunities in SA here.


Read the top five benefits of hiring people living with a disability below:

1. People living with disability are passionate and reliable workers

Reporting bodies, including the Australian Government Department of Social Services all state that people living with disability take ‘fewer days off, take less sick leave and have a higher retention rate than other workers.’ People living with disability are often motivated and dedicated to their work because of the additional challenges they face when seeking employment. By providing them with equal opportunities, individuals can thrive and bring much value to your organisation. Read how Lilly thrives at work after being given an opportunity at NovitaTech.


2. You will expand your talent pool  

Diversifying your talent pool to include people living with disability can attract a vast range of skills and experiences to benefit your business. By seeing things differently, these employees can improve work processes and outcomes to a high degree. When companies hire people with unique perspectives and different experiences, they become more insightful, productive and better at problem solving. Read how Emily brings a unique perspective to her work at Novita. 


3. Your business will be perceived positively  

By hiring people living with disability, your business will be perceived as positive and progressive. According to Aruma, 87 per cent of potential employees say they’d prefer to work at businesses who are inclusive and hire people living with disability. Job seekers generally apply at diverse workplaces to avoid unfair discrimination. A workplace that values diversity generally attracts high-quality applicants and good attitudes. Read how Zane’s presence in the Novita office boosts morale and promotes good workplace attitudes.


4. Improved safety and accessibility  

By hiring employees living with disability, businesses will have a greater awareness of safety and accessibility in the workplace (which can be extremely attractive to potential jobseekers). Being aware of employees’ needs can also result in less occurrences of accidents and injuries, resulting in less time off and increased productivity at work.  


Quick tip: Examples of accessibility needs in the workplace include disabled parking, technology and assistive devices to aid with physical and neurological requirements (e.g., wheelchair lamps and sensory lights), flexible work arrangements, accessible toilets and bathrooms and digital accessibility (screens, website navigation and Easy English guides). Read more here.


5. Happy customers

People living with disability can build strong and memorable connections with customers and clients. For clients who live with a disability, communicating with someone similar can be a strong morale boost and positive consumer experience. This can make their experience with a company more personalised and engaging rather than isolating. Encouraging a diverse working environment is a great way to attract business from a wider audience who can share their experience with their community. Read about Brooke’s positive interactions with clients while working at NovitaTech.  

Did you know that Novita has several programs that equips people living with a disability with skills to find employment?

Our Transition to Work program is specially designed for people living with disability to seek employment, work experience and learn important communication skills. Read more about this program and how we work with organisations to provide positive experiences in the workplace for our clients.

Need some tips on how to get started on your job search? We have you covered here.