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Welcome Consults

Everybody’s different and everybody has different abilities. With nearly 80 years of experience, we probably understand this better than anybody else.

That’s why, when you join Novita, we have tailored the experience so that you get the best start to your journey with us. We take the time to really get to know you and customise our approach to make sure you are receiving the best possible service and achieving your goals.

That’s why we‘ve developed our welcome programme. So that you can start achieving maximum benefit from the very first time we meet.

How the Welcome Programme works

Appointment 1 – Provides an intensive assessment of your abilities, needs, goals and challenges with one of our most experienced clinicians. We will then document your support plan and discuss strategies to support your most immediate needs.

Internal Consultation – Our team of specialists will discuss your individual needs, formulate a recommended support plan to discuss with you, assign the best people to support the challenges identified and develop a schedule of appointment options for you to consider.

Appointment 2 – A follow up consultation where we will share and explain our recommended support plan with you and give you all the information you need to make informed decisions. This is your opportunity, to ask whatever questions you might have about the NDIS, funding, medium-long term strategies and anything you may be feeling unsure about.

At the end of the welcome programme we hope you will not only feel welcome but full of confidence and positivity! We will provide you with either a written plan or email it to you for safe keeping as well as some great resources to get you started.

At any time along the way you can book a review appointment with the same person (or someone else), if and when you want it.

Why do we recommend our Welcome Programme if you are new to Novita?

Our experience tells us that getting an expert initial assessment and individualised planning of services with you encompassing the broad range of services we have on offer including Therapy, Family Support, Inclusion Supports and Assistive Technology lead to achieving the best outcomes for you.

How to prepare to get the most out of the Welcome Programme

To get the most out of the welcome programme it is best to provide information as much information as possible prior to your first appointment:

  • A copy of your NDIS plan but this is your choice
  • A copy of any medical reports, referral letters, therapist or other reports documenting your concerns, interventions or recommendations

Please bring this information along to your first appointment if you can’t get it to us beforehand and think about the questions below but don’t stress if you don’t have any of these things:

  • What are the top challenges you face and what you have done so far to address them?
  • What things you are hoping to achieve?
  • What things you don’t understand, are afraid of or want more information about?
  • What things that have worked for you so far?

If you prefer you can fill in this online form which will guide you through the list of things we would like to know, that way we can have a think about it before we meet you.


Welcome Programme locations


We recommend that your Welcome consults are at one of our offices even if you want ongoing services in another location. If this is not possible for you, for whatever reason, please let us know so that we can arrange to come to you (depending on where you live there may be a travel fee that can be claimed from your NDIS package).

Helpful resources

Information is power! The more you know, the easier it is to plan and make decisions about your future, supports and services. Get information about:

If you’re just after some tips, tricks and helpful advice, or want to read other people’s stories, then head to our blog.  Here are some other good sources of information about disability and services that may be useful.



If you are able to attend Welcome consults at our office, the cost is a maximum of $481.25 and can be claimed from your NDIS Plan.

This consultation includes 2 ½ hours of clinician time including your first Welcome consult and a follow-up Welcome consult with one of our most experienced clinicians. We will only claim/invoice for the time needed to provide the Welcome consults.

Following your initial Welcome consult, an extra follow-up appointment may be recommended with another member of your Welcome team before commencing regular services. If an extra appointment is recommended this will be discussed with you.

If you need us to come to you our Travel Pricing Policy will apply.