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Our training workshops are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need, to confidently support the inclusion of children, teens and people living with disability to do the things they wish to do.

How to use a PODD workshop

Come and learn how to use a PODD communication book!
This is a basic workshop teaching you how to use a PODD communication book as a tool to communicate with kids who have complex communication needs.


PODD Practice workshop

Have you been to our introductory How to use a PODD workshop, and now want to practice your new PODD skills? Do you have one or more goals about using a PODD that you would like to achieve? The PODD Practical workshop is just what you have been looking for! This workshop provides a fun, friendly environment to practice your PODD skills with help from a speech pathologist at hand.


Switch Access Measure (SAM)

Children and adults with complex (severe and/or multiple) physical disabilities often need switches to access technologies for communication, education, work, environmental control and recreation. SAM is a comprehensive switching assessment. The Switch Access Measure (SAM) is a dynamic, goal directed, activity based and repeatable assessment used to inform intervention.