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Training for families and carers

We offer training workshops for families, carers and people who work with those living with disability on how to use assistive technology as an effective communication tool. The workshops are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to confidently support the inclusion of kids, teens and people living with disability to do the things they wish to do.

1-Day PODD Overview Workshop

This workshop is designed for families, educators, allied health professionals and other communication partners who would like to develop an understanding of PODD language organisation, and learn how to implement PODD communication books to support genuine and autonomous communication for individuals with complex communication needs.

Please note, if you are a speech pathologist, we recommend that you attend the 2-Day PODD Introductory Course , so that you also learn how to select and customise PODD communication books.

1 – Day PODD Overview Workshop

2- Day PODD Practice workshop

This introductory workshop is designed for speech pathologists, or anyone who wants to develop a more detailed understanding of PODD language organisation. This workshop includes information about selecting and customising PODD communication books, and participants are provided with a substantial workshop manual.

Please note: The 2-Day Introductory PODD Workshop is a prerequisite for undertaking other PODD training (e.g. 1 Day PODD Alternative Access Workshop, 5 Day Advanced PODD Workshop).

2-Day PODD Practice Workshop

Switch Access Measure certification

This training course is designed for people who work with individuals who need to use switches with their assistive technologies, such as therapists, teachers or researchers in the disability field.

Switch Access Measure is a methodology which professionals working with people living with disability can use to find the right switching technology for each individual’s complex needs and abilities. The Switch Access Measure (SAM) is a dynamic, goal directed, activity based and repeatable assessment method.

After this two-day course you can become a certified user of SAM by also completing an online assessment and online certification tasks.