Stefan’s Wakeboard Challenge

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08 October 2018

WATCH: Stefan takes speedboat out to test-run new wakeboarding skills

If the sun’s shining, Stefan and his cousins are down at the river. Despite the freezing cold temperature of the water, Stefan couldn’t wait to put into practice the new wakeboarding skills he and his physiotherapist Josh have been working on in the Novita gym.

Stefan who is living with Cerebral Palsy has already mastered the art of kneeboarding but has challenged himself to learn how to wakeboard by the time the Mighty River Run fundraiser rolls around in November.

Although not everything went to plan during his first session of the season, Stefan remains positive and focused on achieving his goal. What’s next? More training, more practice and more training again.

Watch Stefan’s first wakeboarding session of the season in the video above!

02 October 2018

WATCH: From wobble-board to wakeboard, Stefan simulates river conditions to amp up training!

With practice on the Nintendo Wii Balance Board now freezing cold and overall strength gained from exercises on the pilates machine, the time has come for Stefan to enter phase two of his wakeboard training!

Stefan who is living with Cerebral Palsy has set himself a goal of being able to wakeboard at The Mighty River Run fundraiser this November. To support him and his efforts to achieve this goal, physiotherapist Josh has created a simulation wakeboarding experience for Stefan in the Novita gym.

While it may not be exactly the same as being towed behind a boat, being able to get up into a standing position as if he were has filled Stefan with confidence who is very excited about the progress he is making.

Check out Stefan in the video above as he wrestles through his most challenging training session yet!

25 September 2018

WATCH: Wakeboard Pro in-the-making, Stefan shares strength training secrets!

It may look easy, but wakeboarding is more demanding on the body than you might think! A focus for all wakeboarders is core-strength, but equally as important is having strong legs to stand on and amazing grip-strength to hold onto the ski-rope handle.

In Stefan’s case, his Cerebral Palsy makes it difficult for his right-hand to hold onto the rope being dragged behind the boat. What’s more, he’s noticed that his right-knee starts to shake when tries to stand-up on the board in the water.

Working closely with his physiotherapist, Stefan’s been building strength in his legs and arms to ensure he’ll be in the best possible condition for when it finally comes time to give wakeboarding a try at the 2018 Mighty River Run event in November.

Watch the video above to see how far Stefan’s come already!

17 September 2018

WATCH: Stefan reveals motivation and unique training methods for Wakeboard Challenge!

Meet Stefan – a 24-year-old rev-head with a passion for wakeboarding. Stefan’s lived with Cerebral Palsy from a young age but doesn’t consider himself disabled. While some tasks may be more difficult him – like driving a car or picking something up with both hands – Stefan welcomes the opportunity to show others just how capable he is.

Growing up Stefan was at times frustrated by the restricted use of his right-side, but after learning to use an oxy-welder in year 8 he became addicted to the feeling of achieving personal goals.

When I was at school, one of my good friends and I were in Design Tech where we had to learn how to weld. You needed to use the welder plus the flux, so I found a way to tuck the welder under my left-arm and put the flux in my right-hand and started welding. When my friend saw this he turned to me and said: “how are you disabled, you can weld better than me and I can use two hands!” It was learning to adapt to different situations and challenges that changed my outlook.
- Stefan Noto

Stefan has set himself a major goal of learning to wakeboard by November 2018 at the annual Mighty River Run fundraiser. Having already purchased a high-end speed-boat for the occasion and with the support of his family and Novita physiotherapist Josh, Stefan is letting nothing hold him back!

Check out the video above and follow Stefan as he trains for this awesome Wakeboard Challenge!

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